Spring in the countryside

Now comes the time when photography is fun again when you go out into nature. Every year I am thrilled again what nature in 24h is able to let arise.

The rental object is to be carefully handled and returned in a good or better condition


Nature photography is one of the most rewarding areas in photography. Nature fascinates with its incredible beauty and uniqueness. In it, man relaxes and rests, both body and soul. Creative means are also the be-all and end-all in nature photography.

Playing with the depth of field is particularly important here. With just a few adjustments, you can completely change the effect of the image. The more you open the aperture (small f-number), the more blurred (less depth of field) the background becomes. Due to the large aperture, comparatively more light falls on the lens, which means that faster shutter speeds are sufficient for good exposure of the photo.