about me


Let me start by telling you that I am not a trained photographer. But this will not be a problem. On the opposite. I intend to spend with you quality time of life. This should enrich you and that will also enrich me.

It is about capturing moments. – Moments, which seem so insanely trivial in the moment. – But in the retrospective they are so wonderful. – In 5, 10 or even 20 years you wish you were back. – Back to this moment. So it doesn’t matter if I’m a trained photographer or not. It is much more important that I understand you and that I can be there as a quiet observer.

What you make of it is entirely up to your creativity and imagination.

The bedrock

I grew up in Rheinbach. This is about 20 km away from Bonn and directly behind Rheinbach the Eifel begins. My parents were both teachers in their working lives. They got to know each other during their studies of sports education.

That says a lot about my background. Two teachers raise two children, me and my brother, on the periphery of the Eifel, as a family, we are lucky to have a lot of vacation and thus spend a lot of time in nature and as a family. In addition to that, my parents have always been very keen on traveling. So in my childhood I traveled Europe in a VW Bulli.

Until I was 16 years old, I never sat in an airplane. But I have seen the most important cities in Europe. Beside Paris, Madrid, Lisbon it went also to Venice from there with the ferry into Turkey and over the land way over Greece, the former Yugoslavia to Central Europe. Of course, those were different times. At that time, you could still let the kids sleep unbuckled on the folded out back seat without any guilt. So I grew up well protected on the border of the Eifel and near the, in my childhood, capital of the republic.

The working life

My working life, started very early. I already knew in the 8th class what I wanted to become. So I should become a radio and television technician. The next 2 years showed that this was not a very good idea. I did internships and worked at a local electronics store in my spare time. This was a lot of fun, but it also showed that I could talk and sell rather than repair the equipment.

So I decided to start an apprenticeship at Bosch after graduating from high school. It should be the good middle way and so I decided for the communication technology. Since I started school at the age of six, I was 16 at the time.

Starting at such a large company meant a certain affinity for travel right from the start. For example, our training center was not next door, but in Dortmund, or rather in Hamburg. So we formed shared apartments, and that was without the Internet at all. Hard to imagine today.

So I left home at the age of 16 to explore the world. A little different from what students do today, but still very exciting and, above all, formative for my future professional life.

After that, I went through various stages in the company until I reached my current position as Head of Professional Services. If you want to know more about it, you are welcome to join my linkedin page.

Generation 30+

After my apprenticeship, I went into the field of communication systems engineering. Where you have to deal with other people every day. This has shaped me a lot.

I came over different stations in Germany (Leipzig, Munich, Berlin, Cologne) as well as responsibilities within Europe as well as AMEA sometime, from the service organizations into the Sales. Here I am at home and still very happy the for Professional Services in Germany.

In March 2012, our daughter was born in Bonn. In November 2014, our son followed. Already since 2011, the small and lively Jack Russell dog Nellie lives with us.

Since 2019 I am separated from my ex-wife and live alone with the children and our dog. But I am happy since January 2020 already every day to have met a wonderful new woman with whom both the children and I spend a lot of time and share interests. 

On the road at home

Once infected, in my case by my childhood, you remain a camper and love life on the road. This of course starts in teenage years and in the 20+ years with the tent. But as the family size has grown, it has eventually become a motorhome of our own. Strictly speaking, we have, currently, already the 5th motorhome. It started with a very old motorhome, which we have still converted something to a 2 month parental leave with our daughter in 2012 to travel through Europe. A great time and I can only recommend every young family to spend the minimum 2 months together.
Currently I use our motorhome also to my numerous business trips something more active gestallten and not only between airport, office and hotel to commute. So I have the opportunity to combine this with sports activities and of course photography.

So, if there are any questions left, just contact me. 🙂