Foodie?! or what?

The page has the subtile: Seen | Felt | Heard | Tasted | Smelled.
Today it’s about the last two of the stories.
I will surely not become a food blogger now. But that I like and eat delicious food is no secret. I once had a customer who had a whole community where that was the norm. There was always very good and high-quality foods and also the finest wine. There the term “foodie” has been formed. And I think that really sums it up very well and I am definitely a “foodie”! – It does not always depend on the fact that the food is very high priced. Often it is also the simple recipes, but these just with good ingredients, fresh and homemade.

This week my children are still at home and knock at the latest at 13:00 at the office door because the hanger is hardly bearable. 🙂

So I always make the meal plan for the week on Sunday and go shopping fresh on Monday and Wednesday. So this week looked like this:

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