Portrait Shooting with new stuff

Woman looks incredulous

Especially in a time when you do not get out so much, as in the current pandemic this year, you reflect again on your hobbies. And mine is now times undisputed photography.

It has never let me go and so here is also invested again and again. Also in light of the fact that I was approached by an friend, whether I can make a few pictures for his new practice. Since you come to think, want to try and of course practice.

Practice can almost change the character of nature;

it tames the devil or casts him out with a wonderful force.

William Shakespeare

So, hand over the backgrounds, flashes, tripods, cable drums and lamps and of course a beautiful model. Thanks to Claudia Schuhmaier, Bonn for her great kindness and patience. Next time there will also be something to drink. 🙂

And since the dogs were already there, they had to be in the picture, too, of course.
The white big beautiful Labrador belongs to Claudia. And the little Jack Russell lady goes with me.

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