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I am a small but fine photo agency in the rhineland in Germany. I work primarily part-time and take care of projects that I like and that personally bring me somewhere.

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Every day parents accompany the process of their children growing up. They learn a lot about themselves and about the world in which we live together. All senses are challenged here. – We see, we feel, we hear, we taste and smell!

We combine all this in the memory with the situation in which we experience all this. Are we relaxed or in hectic, is it cold or warm, is it day or night.


whether read to oneself or read aloud, are important components in the development of children and the relationship within the family. However, this is about externally generated content. So it is about experiencing and exploring “the new”. A completely different approach, has the small book which comes out of a family photo reportage which I like to call “adventure life”. It is not about creating a reportage in the sense of a lot of text or explanations. It is about opening the space of thoughts and memories for the children and parents to develop and observe themselves. The little books that emerge from the “adventure of life” should always be within reach. For all family members (except maybe the dog or the cat). So the parents will be able to observe themselves and also the children how to grab such a little book and retreat. Maybe alone maybe as a family. 

In contrast to foreign books and the always new, with these books you get into the past to shape the future.

Patrick Kern

Experience and what we do together, I always feel as the greatest happiness. Therefore, this site and my offer also deals with everything that belongs to it. With all the senses and impressions that affect children and their parents and how a family develops and the individual characters unfold.

Nobody should have the feeling in life not to be free. Not free in their decisions or in what drives them forward.

Patrick Kern 

Especially children, but also young family parents, experience this time as a change. And this is where it gets exciting, because man likes habit. This is where he feels secure and safe. But he also has the urge for the new. After adventure and discovery.

Photos and videos are an excellent way to relive these situations. To put yourself back in the position and in the experienced situation. Looking at photos and videos again is much more fun if you were there yourself. Because only then the emotions, feelings and sensory impressions of the experience get out of the memory back into reality. Something is created that cannot be described.

Exactly for this reason I do not make the photos and videos for anyone. They are primarily for those who were there. They are not there to be stored as a file on the hard drives of this world or in the cloud, but want to be printed, so that you can touch them and take them to your hand.